We are proud to have signed up with AWAL, Artists Without A Label

AWAL's objective is to deliver artists content worldwide to the major on-line stores and download sites on a no-fee basis. They will never charge you to encode, upload and deliver your music, instead they work solely on a 15% distribution commission. Their non-exclusive agreement and 30 day rolling term gives artists the flexibility and freedom to control their career. The business of music is an ever changing industry, and AWAL recognise that artistic and financial freedom are cornerstones of this evolution. For more information about AWAL and what they do, please visit their fantastic site at http://www.awal.com.

Our latest release 'Contemporary Living' by MadSkill Adil was released on the 5th January 2012 using AWAL's state of the art distribution platform that provides a conduit between artists and brands as well as allowing anyone to simply search and license.

AWAL will distribute our latest Album release to around 200 stores, including:


These are exciting times for S.O.T.R and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead. Keep the faith. Peace and God Bless.