The Latest Album release from S.O.T.R was officially released on 30 December 2011 initially via ReverbNation but will be available in the coming weeks in most other stores worldwide. Visit our Official Store to listen and buy.

MadSkill Adil's latest offering called "Contemporary Living" shows off his versatility and unique style over catchy beats produced mainly by yours truly, DJ M.U.D. A number of cameos from other S.O.T.R Crew members are also showcased. 10 tracks are available on the Album, including:

1. (Bringin It) Down on Ya
2. Top Ten
3. Blaze in the Rec
4. Careful
5. Don't Fight Me
6. Current Affairs
7. Duncha
8. This Aint a Garage Track
9. Where are the Days
10. Funny Business

The Album is available in MP3 download format for $9.99 or in Physical CD format for $12.99. Visit our Official Store today to purchase.

Peace and God Bless.