"Write home and tell all your people that when we creep through, believe you want a sequel..."

Lyrics by MadSkill Adil (2003) 

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S.O.T.R Signup with AWAL

Posted by DJ M.U.D on Thursday, January 5, 2012, In : SOTR 
We are proud to have signed up with AWAL, Artists Without A Label

AWAL's objective is to deliver artists content worldwide to the major on-line stores and download sites on a no-fee basis. They will never charge you to encode, upload and deliver your music, instead they work solely on a 15% distribution commission. Their non-exclusive agreement and 30 day rolling term gives artists the flexibility and freedom to control their career. The business of music is an ever changing industry, and AW...
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New website for S.O.T.R

Posted by DJ M.U.D on Thursday, December 15, 2011, In : SOTR 
As per my previous post, we have also re-launched our new website here at www.sotr.yolasite.com

The main reason behind this move is to make the presentation of our music more professional and interactive. We were previously on blogger but this was limiting our potential.

We hope this new website will lead to better things in terms of spreading our music to fans and the like, but if it doesn't, nevermind, at least the S.O.T.R Crew will have a place to visit online to reminisce and enjoy the good...
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S.O.T.R launch their New Logo

Posted by DJ M.U.D on Thursday, December 15, 2011, In : SOTR 
OK peeps! 

S.O.T.R - Sounds of the Redbridge, an independent collective of British music producers, lyricists, rappers, songwriters and DJs, have today launched a new group logo in conjunction with the re-launch of our new website. 

As you know, myself (DJ M.U.D) and MadSkill Adil have been involved in the music and entertainment scene in one way or another since the mid 1990s. Our music styles and influences are extremely varied and include Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Alternative, Drum n Bass, Garage...
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Welcome to the S.O.T.R Blog

This blog will aim to provide all the latest happenings with the S.O.T.R Crew, their music and any other relevant information. Please enjoy our posts and our music. Feedback and comments please...


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